Friday, 5 July 2013

Tonight's Corrie Episode

First things first, apologies to the costume department on the cobble but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING. Two travesties of double denim in one night? I was slightly scarred to say the least... Anyways back to the stories.

I can't get enough of Roy's sleepwalking, its just such a weird storyline but I can't wait to see where it goes.

Now, onto something more serious. Faye. Definitely on the list of characters I simply can't stand on the cobbles. Right up there with Dev. Anyways, why is she staying with her Dad and not Anna? I feel so sorry for Anna because Tim (the dad) is so manipulating (oooh big word there). I hope in the end she goes to live with Anna and another surprise tram crash happens just as Tim is walking across the road hmmm....

Now last thing, the huge story everyone's on about, Kylie's baby, is it Davids? Or is it his brothers, Nick's? I'm glad we're seeing David's phycotic side come back out again AND I LOVE the fact that no one knows that he knows the big secret (you understand that?). I just wonder how crazy he's gonna end up going... Just saying, we haven't seen a murder in Corrie for a while...

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