Monday, 8 July 2013

Let's Do Lunch With Gino and Mel

This is why I love this show... Barely 1 minute into the show, Mel asks Gino if he watched Wimbledon yesterday he replied with this...

*cue shitty Italian accent* "No, see, I was on my own and when I'm on why own, well, you know, whats the point in watching two men play with 1 ball when I can watch one woman playing with 2 balls? You know it doesn't happen often enough, I'm on my own so sod the tennis"

COMEDY GOLD. Meanwhile, Mel is freaking put going "we're live, we're actually live, we're on air" before Gino bursts out with "YES WE ARE LIVE AND WELCOME TO LET'S DO LUNCH"

Check out 'Let's Do Lunch With Gino and Mel' on ITV1 now.

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