Sunday, 20 October 2013

Misfits Series 5

The E4 phenomena and award-winning TV show that is Misfits, is due to return to our TV screens on the 23rd October 2013 for it's fifth and final series (sad times). The series will feature a few familiar faces as well as picking up some newly super-powered ones along the way. As much as I love Misfits and as much as I'm glad there's going to be a new series soon, i still think Nathan and Kelly were the original supers.
Anyway, what will the orange-caped super-'heroes' get up to this series? All i'm guessing is that they'll probably get through a few more probation workers seeing as that's how they normally do things. And after seeing zombie cheerleaders and crazy nun's who know's what we can expect from those oh-so-ordinary kids down on that London estate.
Misfits starts at 10pm on Wednesday 23rd October on E4. 

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